The number 1 reason is YOU

Ten is a powerful number.  It is the sum of your fingers, the sum of your toes.  It is the countdown to a new year. Your highest mark.  God gave us 10 commandments, shortly after imposing the 10 plagues.  Read the 10 best reasons why speaking effectively is important for YOU: Ten is for Freedom. […]

Why cry about it?

To cry or not to cry, that is the question. The answer: YES, Let us speak for the right to cry freely! There is not much that can trump a good cry. It’s the psychological equivalent of an orgasm: a pent up release of feelings that you’ve been holding onto for too long. It is […]

Speak to stop the Bully

Amanda Todd was a Canadian girl who never had the chance to grow up and fall in love.  She never had the chance to have girls nights out, have children, and help us to change the world.  Instead she became a victim of some cowardly bully who made her feel worthless and trapped in a […]

Speak for sadness

According to my friends at Women On The Fence, November has highest rate of suicide out of all the months of the year.  Many people are affected by the colder weather, less light and no holiday time left until Christmas – all which trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), causing so many of us to slip into a downward […]

Social fluidity

The Evening Standard did a brilliant job at summing up my next reason to enhance our communication skills. Reason number 5 is all about Social fluidity The standard did a piece on the importance of social fluidity: the ability to converse with the Royals as easily as you can chat with your local handyman.  In a world that is […]

Six is for Enlightenment

Perhaps ‘enlightenment’ is a bit harsh.  The 6th reason to speak out and speak loudly is for EDUCATION                                                                                           Photograph from In 2009, Malala Yousafzai wrote a blog revealing the details of her life under the Taliban.  She wrote about her suppression and her anger that she could not be educated, because she is a […]

If not me, then who?

I’m not sure if she was quite as nervous as she seemed, or if it was an act, but Emma Watson delivered a brilliant speech to the United Nations last week.  Her purpose was to launch  Heforshe, a campaign to get men involved in the woman’s movement. No, it is not a new concept,  but […]


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