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A single mother’s view on the holiday season

Ever have a panic attack?   They really do suck. Your heart starts to beat far too quickly. Your pupils dilate, making you wonder if someone slipped LSD into your morning coffee. Your breathing becomes laboured. And you are convinced that a heart attack is fast approaching, or that you may pass out cold at the most […]

A single mother’s view on single mothers

When I was pregnant, the simple act of walking down a familiar street was always a laugh.   People I knew would STOP to look at my growing belly, and spurt out the most ridiculous comments.  Words that I am sure they meant to keep inside their heads, rather the say out loud. •· “Janet, I […]


Last month I competed in a public speaking competition for TEDX. The topic was ‘The future of work… the power to make a difference’. As expected, mostly every one spoke of technology and mobile offices.   I didn’t! My take on ‘the future of work’ was a bit more personal.   Read on to find out what […]

What to do when your child hates your boyfriend

There are some events of single motherhood that you simply cannot prepare for.  One of them is when your child is old enough to have an opinion about whom you are dating.  It is not a scenario that many of you will have encountered, and so allow me to use an example from my own […]