Last month I competed in a public speaking competition for TEDX. The topic was ‘The future of work… the power to make a difference’. As expected, mostly every one spoke of technology and mobile offices.   I didn’t!

My take on ‘the future of work’ was a bit more personal.   Read on to find out what I said….

“High pressure working environments, hard-line budgeting, scare resources. These are words that are used to describe the working world today. Companies are focusing more on their end customers, yes… but what is happening to the employees who work within these companies? With so many people looking for work today, most businesses see their employees as dispensable, knowing that they can easily be replaced by a newer, cheaper version. As a result, the average workplace has grown cold.  Employees are not valued, and as they fight to find security in their jobs, a ‘blame culture’ thrives, rage and bullying become more common.

the future of work must have eyes

If I could design the workplace of the future, I imagine an organisation which would have EYES so that it would be capable of seeing merit, hard work, and motivation.  These eyes would be able to see that everyone has a skill, and by developing and encouraging each individual’s best virtues, companies would see a much higher return on their investment than they do by paying disgruntled employees with an attitude.

the future of work must have ears

I would then give the future of work EARS that could hear good ideas and valuable feedback. These ears would tune out idle gossip, political agendas, and smite. Because it would know that by REALLY listening to what other people have to say, we can engage more easily with our colleagues and customers, creating a strong competitive advantage.

the future of work must have a mouth

The future of work would also have a MOUTH. It would speak without fear, brainstorm ideas, share best practices. It would use its words wisely by making others feel welcomed and worthy because it understands that employees contribute more when they feel safe and respected, creating strong communication and more effective results.

the future of work must have a heart

And finally,  I would then give the future of work a HEART. It would care about its purpose, care for its employees, care for its customers. This heart would feel empathy because that is how you breed passion. And it is passion that can blow away the competition; it is passion that creates award winning brands.


In order to create a successful future, we need to start now and learn from the present that is making it glaringly obvious how important it is to make the workplace more HUMAN.”

the future of work must be more human

Thanks for reading,

JT   (Janet Tarasofsky)