A single mother’s view on single mothers

When I was pregnant, the simple act of walking down a familiar street was always a laugh.   People I knew would STOP to look at my growing belly, and spurt out the most ridiculous comments.  Words that I am sure they meant to keep inside their heads, rather the say out loud.
•· “Janet, I didn’t know that you were married?”
•· “OMG – Are you OK? “
•· “What will you do now?”
•· “How did this happen?”

And I would think (but not say): “OMG – how did you become so bloody narrow-minded?! A bit harsh? Perhaps…

But what I would really like to know is: Why is it that single motherhood is a viewed as a bad thing, exactly? Why has society branded it as Sad or Shameful? It may be more financially straining, yes…but I honestly believe that single mothers have fewer issues than most married couples.

I have listed the top 10 reasons being a single mom beats married life…..

1. Single mothers have a vast amount of responsibility in their life. This leads to a more focus mind and excellent time management skills.

2. There are no arguments about whose turn it is to do the dishes or tidy the house. It is always the single mother’s turn; however the choice to hire a cleaner is completely at her discretion.

3. Council tax credits (25% off)

4. Once she walks in the door at the end of the day, a single mother can exhale, take off all makeup and wear her favourite track suit, you know… the one that is so shabby that she hides it under the bed when guests come over…just in case. The point is: no fool will be judging her appearance!

5. A single mother can choose when, how, and with whom, she would like to spend her free time. I can assure  you that in-laws are not in the menu.

6. Despite the common belief that single mothers have much to juggle, if truth be told, we actually have one less ball in the air than married women. Many of my married friends consider their husband to be an additional child, and the most demanding child of all.

7. Single mothers can date! Whilst it may be exhausting at times, meeting charming men who willingly buy you dinner or a glass of wine is far more exciting than sitting in front of the television every night watching CSI.

8. She makes the rules. She decides how to bring up her child. No compromise needed.

9. Every friend/ family member who has a baby after the single mother will inevitably get in touch approx 2 months later with awe in their exhausted voice to say: ‘I cant believe that you did this alone!’.  Extra points for single moms.

10. Complete credit for the child’s achievement goes to the single mother. Any bad traits are obviously from the father’s side.  Luckily he is not there to argue the point.

Next time you meet a pregnant single woman, try to keep the above points in mind and most importantly, try to remember that she is having a baby; she has not been diagnosed with some deadly disease.

Thanks for reading,

JT (Janet Tarasofsky)