Monthly Archives: January 2013

Everlasting beauty

I have spent the last 15 years in the beauty industry, creating products, and then marketing them to sell in different parts of the world.  Over the years I have learned about how to create a beautiful product, about this highly competitive industry, and about the people who work within in.  But most importantly, I […]

Single handed PROGRESS

Four hundred years ago, single mothers were burned at the stake; 50 years ago they were sent to isolated refuges for unmarried mothers or even mental institutions. Today, there remains a widespread negative view of single parenthood.  While researching the topic, I discovered the 3 most common beliefs about single parents: 1. That they are a […]


Do you ever get extremely angry???   Possibly after repeating the words ‘please get your shoes on’ 15 times, in 8 different ways?  Or when your kids thinks it is hysterically funny to repeat everything you say including ‘stop repeating everything I say’! ? I must admit that I am no stranger to the feeling of fury […]

The circle of violence

I met Marie one day sitting in the communal kitchen as I was unpacking the groceries. Her bottom lip was split right down the middle, blood starting to dry in between the two sides. She was missing her two front teeth. Her left eye was swollen shut and her arm was in a cast. I […]

How are babies made?

Here is the question that started off my year: ‘Mum, can you explain EXACTLY how a baby is made?’ My answer: ‘Of course I can dear. Here is how it works: First you need to graduate from University. Once you graduate, many baby-doctors recommend travelling around the world to understand its diversity. When you run […]