How are babies made?

Here is the question that started off my year: ‘Mum, can you explain EXACTLY how a baby is made?’

My answer: ‘Of course I can dear. Here is how it works:

First you need to graduate from University.

Once you graduate, many baby-doctors recommend travelling around the world to understand its diversity.

When you run out of cash, the next step towards having a baby is to choose a good career that you will love and feel passionate about.

You should then spend the next 7 years building your reputation and learning different skills. This is a great way to make sure your baby will be well behaved.

After years of experience and enough money in the bank to pay for intensive therapy sessions, you may then, and only then, be ready to have a baby.

All clear?


Darling, all further queries must be submitted in writing and sent by recorded post.

Your Single Mom’

Happy new year
JT (Janet Tarasofsky)