Everlasting beauty

I have spent the last 15 years in the beauty industry, creating products, and then marketing them to sell in different parts of the world.  Over the years I have learned about how to create a beautiful product, about this highly competitive industry, and about the people who work within in.  But most importantly, I have learned the true meaning of the word ‘beauty’.

Experience has taught us that women associate ‘beauty’ with ‘confidence’, a link that has fuelled the Beauty industry for many, many years.  And I believe that there is much truth in the connection.  The right skincare, make up or clothes can help us all feel better.  But the longer I work in the industry, the more apparent it becomes that lasting beauty cannot be bought in store.  It must include feeling good about who you are and believing in your dreams.

It has been said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  It is my mission to empower people to be able to see beauty in their lives and then to do something extraordinary to help build sustainable beauty, confidence and power.

It is my vision to challenge the definition of conventional beauty and ask people to personalise it to their unique selves.   I believe that by dissecting society’s version of beauty and then rebuilding it more accurately, unwavering confidence will follow.

It is lovely to have beautiful skin, but if you seek everlasting beauty, you must feel comfortable beneath it.


Thank you for reading,


JT (Janet Tarasofsky)