Monthly Archives: February 2013

Single mom…in a heartbeat

I came home from work tonight to find my 4month old puppy throwing up, and again, and again.   After 5 times in ½ hour, I got worried and called the vet.   My daughter and I abandoned our plans to watch a movie and went to the vet instead. We were told that Buster (my dog) […]

single mom…..Perfect

‘Hi, my name is Janet. I have a reoccurring ingrown hair, longstanding issues with my mother, and I get a bit irritable when I am late for anything.’ I have heard that there are cultures where people introduce themselves this way. They state their name, followed by 3 personal faults. This tradition was established to […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of everlasting beauty…for moms

Have you ever read a magazine article that told you how to look your best? These articles are filled with fashion and beauty tips on what to wear and how to enhance your best attributes. I am sure that they are written with the best of intentions, but I wonder, does any of it actually […]

Single mom against Bullying

Last night I had dinner with the most incredible woman. Her name’s Amanda, and in a very short period of time, Amanda managed to make a real difference. Over cocktails, she told me that after graduating university with a social work degree, she raised enough funds and begin a small centre for children, for children […]