Single mom…..Should the Devil wear Prada?

Have you seen the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’?  It is about a horrible woman who treats her staff like slaves, insulting their work and their efforts on every occasion.  For some reason, her employees continue to work for her, putting up with her demeaning remarks, because she holds a powerful position in the fashion industry.

The movie is meant to be funny.  Personally, I do not see the humour.  Why is it funny to watch a bully take advantage of good people, simply because she can?  How is it that the world accepts this behaviour as ‘a rite of passage’ to enter into an industry that is meant to be about style and beauty?  There is nothing beautiful about this conduct.

Working in the beauty industry for the last 15 years, I have met many Devils in Prada (my current company excluded).  These women truly believe that their position gives them permission to be rude and disparaging.  In a world where the customer holds the power, where people are speaking openly online and offline, and where motivation is key to developing a healthy self-esteem….I do not believe that this devilish style of management is appropriate any longer.

To get the best out of my employees, and even my 8 year old daughter, I encourage, and I accept them.   I find opportunities where they can practice their skills in a safe environment, one that will not lead to constant criticism.  I truly believe that people who feel good and believe in their skills, are able to outperform anyone who is in constant doubt.  Those who are insecure will forever try to prove themselves to themselves, believing they are simply not good enough.

The Devils days are numbered.  As women and men in the modern world, we need to be empathetic to each other’s needs.  We do this as bosses to keep our staff loyal, energised and productive.  We do this as mothers to help our children become strong and well adjusted.  We do this as human beings because the world is full of different types of people, all of whom can add value to the world in different ways.

It is time for the Devil to remove her Prada, and wear nothing but old, dirty rags.  She does not deserve luxury labels.

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P.S. This is my daughter winning an award for her supporting role as Toastmaster in my public speak club.  As a result, her confidence has doubled and her school work has seriously improved.

An angel wears beauty

An angel wears beauty