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single mom..strength unknown

Last week I competed in the Toastmaster’s International Speech Competition.   I have included it in this blog for your entertainment. The speech is 7 minutes long.  Have a look and please email me your thoughts. Please note: I kinda exaggerated my parents reaction for the sake of comedy.  After the initial shock, they were very supportive! […]

single mom….threatened

I have recently bought a dog. Name: Buster. Aka: Da Litl Fluffball. Breed: Cockapoo Nature: Very cool and placid, even when constantly being teased by his big sister, my daughter. Last week, while walking in the park, we saw a Staffordshire terrier attack a little black poodle.  The poodle was killed instantly. The scene was devastating […]

The beauty behind The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry….  It has its pros and cons.  On the surface, it seems very superficial, without purpose, bringing the word DIVA front of mind.  But underneath each and every beauty product, there lies a world of meaning that applies to every woman.  I BELIEVE: That beauty products bring women together, like football does for […]

Single mom…The Little Things

Tough Times.  You know them?  When so many parts of your life are going wrong at the exact same time.  Money issues, work troubles, love lost, weather is getting to you, kids are grating on the nerves….whatever.  It all seems bad, all at once. These are the times when the usual veils of security disappear, […]

Sleeping Beauty: Modified

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a fairly-average-looking-girl who was born into a loving family. The parents were so thrilled to have born a daughter after having 2 sons, that they had a big celebration and invited everyone in the community, aside from the horrible Wicked Witch. When the Witch heard […]