Single mom…The Little Things

Tough Times.  You know them?  When so many parts of your life are going wrong at the exact same time.  Money issues, work troubles, love lost, weather is getting to you, kids are grating on the nerves….whatever.  It all seems bad, all at once.

These are the times when the usual veils of security disappear, the sheets that that keep us comfortable in our daily routines…. evaporate, and we are left shaken and scared.  In sum, it sucks.  But there is a bit of an upside.

When it seems that there is nothing else to look forward to, you have no choice but to look around you. 

Look, listen, notice….all the Little Things: the details of your day that make up life, the moments which usually go unseen.

The Little Things:

  1. The ‘voice’ on the tube who soothingly tells you which stop is next, and then wishes you a safe journey before you leave.
  2. A dog-friendly cafe and a few spare minutes to read The Sunday Times.
  3. The man who tells you that your daughter is a mirror reflection of yourself.
  4. A random chat with a stranger.
  5. The fact that someone took the time to write the following warning: Never use a hair dryer while sleeping.
  6. A call from a good friend who just wants to say hello
  7. Watching your child’s eyes light up when you walk into the house.
  8. Listening to teenagers gossip with each other in transit.
  9. Giving someone a compliment, just to make them feel good.
  10. Shopping.
  11. Listening to music, with your fluffy dog sitting on your lap.
  12. The fact that almost every museum in London is free to attend.
  13. Finding the perfect shade of lipstick – on sale!
  14. Understanding that we all depend on each other, which is why a smile is infectious.

We all go through rough times.  I have no doubt that each one of you reading this blog have had a difficult period of your life.  A time when you felt weak, alone and scared.  It seems to be necessary in life, and I have no idea why that is.  But I have learnt that by noticing The Little Things…The Big Things don’t seem as bad.

Thank you for reading,