The beauty behind The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry….  It has its pros and cons.  On the surface, it seems very superficial, without purpose, bringing the word DIVA front of mind.  But underneath each and every beauty product, there lies a world of meaning that applies to every woman.  I BELIEVE:

That beauty products bring women together, like football does for men.  No matter who you are speaking to, friend or foe, narcissist or altruist, young or old, favourite aunt or dreaded mother in law – you can always find common ground in the world of beauty.  Beauty products create a proverbial bridge between all kinds of people.  ‘Your skin looks lovely – what product are you using?’   ‘I love that colour lipstick, where did you get it’, and so on.  You needn’t have anything else in common aside from the simple fact that you are both women who take care of yourselves.

The beauty industry creates a world of possibilities filled with playful colours, varied textures, and fun sensations.  It brings us back to our childhood, when we dressed up and magically transformed ourselves into Queens and Rulers of the world.  But as we grew older, playing with makeup became USING beauty products, bringing all those dreams into a potential reality.   I believe that there is HOPE and POWER in these products, inspiring thoughts of: ‘with THIS mascara, I can WOW them’ or ‘I feel better using this moisturiser’, and of course: ‘watch out girls, I am breaking out my new shade of lipstick.’  We use beauty to express our dreams and ourselves.

The power of touch is often dismissed as we grow older.  I have recently read that we need “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”  (Virginia Satir).  Well, we may not all have the opportunity for countless embraces every day, but do have the opportunity to massaging a cream into our skin, scrub our scalps with a rich shampoo or stroke our cheeks with a velvety soft make up brush.  It is about touch, about caring and nurturing yourself, and most of all, it’s about making yourself feel good.

People often ask me why I chose to work in the beauty industry.  My personality is far more suited to lobbying for human rights, or giving inspirational talks.  But by creating a perfect beauty product, I can offer affection and inspiration to women all around the world.

Thank you for reading,