Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mr. Men loses his Iphone

One morning in Happy-ville, Mr. Happy woke up and greeted the day with a big smile.  ‘What a wonderful morning’ thought Mr. Happy, ‘I can’t wait to begin a new day!!!!’.  The sun was shining bright; the birds were singing the most beautiful songs.  Mr. Happy sat up in bed, stretched with excitement and turned […]


It’s 10pm on Sunday night. Little feet are walking above my head…..back and forth, back and forth. I call to my daughter:  ‘Darling, for the 8th time, please go to sleep’ I say, ‘you are going to be exhausted tomorrow morning’.  Unsurprisingly I receive the usual response of: ‘Stop worrying so much mum, I’ll be […]

Best friends

Emelia’s birthday party was on Saturday.  My daughter skipped excitedly to her house bearing gifts and hand-made cards.  Emelia is her very best friend, hence her desire to get there early and help get the party started. When I arrived to collect my daughter up at 6pm, I was expecting to find a gleefully exhausted, […]