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I often wonder what the word brave actually means in the 21st century.  Every time I hear it, my mind conjures up images of Mel Gibson, topless, fighting countless enemies to protect his country and (of course) the woman that he loves. It is truly a lovely image….but not one that applies to my life, […]

Miss Happy gets dumped

One morning in Happy-ville, Miss. Happy woke up and greeted the day with a big smile.  ‘What a beautiful day’ thought Miss. Happy, ‘The sun is shining bright and the birds are whistling.  It’s so awesome to be alive’.  Miss. Happy sat up in bed, stretched with excitement and turned to cuddle her boyfriend….…. With […]

Why your child hates your boyfriend

  For all of us who have children, and yet still working the dating circuit ….this blog is for you: As you pass through the first few months of dating someone special, you may feel that your new romance is ready to meet your child. WARNING: you are entering into a high voltage danger zone.  […]