Fear is the biggest impediment to learning, progressing and achievement.  It blocks the mind, diverts and dwindles all hope.

Whether learning a new language, dreaming up a new product or reassuring my daughter, I need to remove all doubt, stand 100% firm in my approach.  Fear is contagious, it can infect others, so its best cast aside, left at the door.

How can I possibly realise my goals and dreams when I am fearful.  I cannot.

The only way to keep it at bay is to recognise when it rears its ugly head and dismiss it, before it grips me, because when it gets to that point, it is too late, I lose.  I have to start again.

And so this week I made a life changing decision….

despite being a single mother,

despite being the sole breadwinner,

despite not having my family in this country,

Because I will not be controlled by fear.


This week I leaned that sometimes you need to jump off a cliff… and build your wings on the way down.


Thank you for reading,