Monthly Archives: August 2013

under pressure

To all modern mothers, with a special mention to single mothers, this prezi is for you….. The presentation is set to music, so put your earphones on if you are at work. Make it full screen, and click through the slides. I had fun making this for you. I do hope that you enjoy […]

Broke but need a holiday? Tips for time away

  Anyone out there a bit bored and broke? Particularly pissed off that every cent you make goes right back into the monthly bills and that NOTHING is left over for you to get away to enjoy the summer?! I get it….what single other doesn’t get it… Shaye Walsh, is a single mother who offers […]

How to scare the neighbours

Neighbours are cool.  Especially in a city like London which can sometimes be cold and lonely.  By getting to know the people who live nearby, a sub-world emerges around you which can feel smaller and safer.  A neighbourhood where you can feel part of something. Yes I am: Pro-community life Pro Street/block parties Pro local […]