How to scare the neighbours

Neighbours are cool.  Especially in a city like London which can sometimes be cold and lonely.  By getting to know the people who live nearby, a sub-world emerges around you which can feel smaller and safer.  A neighbourhood where you can feel part of something.

Yes I am:

  • Pro-community life
  • Pro Street/block parties
  • Pro local pubs.

But forgive me if I am not at all ‘pro’ my 8 year old daughter fancying the boy-next-door.

What if it doesn’t work out?………..She will dread coming home from school to play in the garden….the place where their romance began.

What if it does work out?………And I find the bugger sneaking though her window in the middle of the night, or serenading her with annoying love songs.

Thankfully, as of last week, I no longer have to worry about the neighbours.  Because last week ‘said’ boy told my daughter that he LOVED her.  No nerves, no fear of rejection, he just came right out with it and said “I LOVE YOU”.

My daughter was so excited that she came running inside the house, jumped up and down and quickly dressed in her beautiful, white wedding dress.  She added the veil, found the fake flowers and a hint of lip-gloss as she walked back to the garden ready to take the relationship to the next level.

We have not seen him since.

B-BYE neighbour boy. heckscheibenwischer_hand_bye_bye_1_l