Monthly Archives: September 2013

‘I will NEVER….’

  Yes dear, you probably will.’     My daughter and I were watching a movie about a teenager who drank too many beers at his parent’s party.  My daughter looked horrified “I would never do that Mommy”!  I smiled and spoke words of agreement….but my mind was saying something very different:  Darling, of course […]

Don’t take it personally….

  Has anyone ever said this to you?  Something like: ‘honestly, it’s a business decision, please don’t take it personally.’  Did you buy that line?  Did they actually buy that lie?  Or is it just a way of hiding behind an act of malice? As we grow up, we are faced with pinnacle points in […]

Are you doing the right thing?

Ever since I was a kid my dad has been pointing out the most obvious facts, as a way of offering me words of advice.  For example, I would be getting ready to leave the house and the man would advise that I remember to open the door before walking through it!  Or remind me […]

What about me?!

Last month we went to visit my parents in Canada.  It was so relaxing that as the days passed, I began to forget all the stresses in my life.  Until one Sunday evening……. My daughter, my parents and I were walking to the park for a last go down the slides, when a man in […]