What about me?!

Last month we went to visit my parents in Canada.  It was so relaxing that as the days passed, I began to forget all the stresses in my life.  Until one Sunday evening…….

My daughter, my parents and I were walking to the park for a last go down the slides, when a man in a jeep cruises by just as we were about to cross the street.  He spots us all holding hands and comes to a screeching halt.  He quickly pulls over to the side of the road, leaves his keys in the car, the ignition running, and makes a clear B-line for ME.  He stops abruptly one foot away from my face and says:

’Lady, can you help me.  I have a job in a chicken factory that is not paying me much.  I have 4 kids who I need to send to college, and a wife at home caring for our children as she works hard to raise them.  My parents are elderly and are threatening to move into with me.  Times have been hard and well….

Can you give me some cash.’’


I listen quietly as he gives me his speech…… and without warning, my mouth begins to speak before I can stop myself.


”DUDE’, I say, ”You think that you have it bad?  I have just resigned from my job and am in the midst of searching for new employment.  Which is stressing me out a bit, because I am a single mother, who has the sole responsibility of caring for, and raising my daughter.  There is no one at home cooking my meals or cleaning the house, aside from my daughters’ au pair, whom I pay dearly for.  I have a puppy who constantly needs to be clipped, nipped and groomed, school clothes to buy, classes to register and a new student living with me from Taiwan who’s laundry I need to do and food I need to cook.  I too would like to send my daughter to college and am desperately trying to do this without having to move back in with my parents.

So if you really want to compare our hardships, then let’s take a walk to discuss,  but first sir, I must ask that you turn off your engine, because at this very moment, you are not only polluting your 4 children’s world, but you are wasting money that you could have gone to their education.’’

With the end of my monologue, he turned away, looking slightly confused, and jumped back into his jeep to drive off.  He didn’t even want to join us for a walk in the park….


Thank you for reading,