Don’t take it personally….



Has anyone ever said this to you?  Something like: ‘honestly, it’s a business decision, please don’t take it personally.’  Did you buy that line?  Did they actually buy that lie?  Or is it just a way of hiding behind an act of malice?

As we grow up, we are faced with pinnacle points in life where the decisions that we make help to define type of people that we become.  Here are 3 examples:


The mother

Your 15 year old daughter has been dumped by her first boyfriend.  She has been a misery for weeks, constantly yelling at you, blaming you for all life’s injustices.  One evening, you lean into her room to say that dinner is ready… and she thanks you by telling you to fuck off.  Your instincts become primal.  You want to slap her.  There is the moment.  Your decision will help to shape your view of yourself, as a mom, as a person.

The friend

An old friend, but not a close friend, has a boyfriend who keeps hitting on you every time you see him.  He always finds a moment in the social gathering to corner you and flirt.  You find him cute and are flattered by his attention.  This is your moment….Do you accept his invitation?  After all, you are single and free…Or do you ignore his glances at the risk of potentially hurting your friend?

The employer

Your assistant has been working furiously to get through his massive workload.  In a moment of exhaustion, he forgets to order a very important product part.  The months pass and the day arrives that the component should be delivered.  The mistake is then realised,  Your product launch is at risk, 1000’s of pounds may be lost.  This is your moment.  Do you fire him? Your decision will shape your view of yourself, as a business person, as a human being.

Don’t take it personally?  Of course you should take it personally.  Every decision has been made by a person, an individual who has made the conscious choice to be that kind of friend, mother and business person.

Whether it is in a business environment or a social one, don’t fool yourself….. it is personal.

Thank you for reading,