‘I will NEVER….’



Yes dear, you probably will.’



My daughter and I were watching a movie about a teenager who drank too many beers at his parent’s party.  My daughter looked horrified “I would never do that Mommy”!  I smiled and spoke words of agreement….but my mind was saying something very different:  Darling, of course you will.’

Do you remember any of the promises that you made many years ago…all the things that you would never do?  I remember some of them….. and they didn’t turn out well!

I will never lie about the Tooth fairy!


Last year, my daughter lost her millionth tooth (how many do they have anyway?  It’s never ending).  Anyway, she showed it to me with a big smile and dollar signs in her eyes.  As I went to bed I looked in my wallet and realised that I only had a £20 bill.  Damn! All the shops were closed and I couldn’t find any loose change anywhere.   So I gave her the £20 and wrote a note:  ‘Dear Ayla.  Here is a £20.  Take £2 for your tooth and give the change to your mommy…because she is such a great mommy.  HUGS & KISSES, the Tooth fairy’

I will never be that middle age person who listens to today’s music with disgust. 

Luckily, I really don’t hate most of the music that is out there these days, One Direction, Olly Murs, Katy Perry – all cool.  But something strange happens to me every time I hear Nikki Manaj…I cringe, I get inexplicitly irritated, I get pissed off.  And yes I am the first to say…. Turn that music off!

I will never allow my kids to eat too much candy

The other day I took my daughter to Chessington World of adventure.  It was a treat to make her feel better about coming back to London after 5 weeks away in Canada.  Anyway, I am not going lie to you here….I went a little crazy with the sweets.  Consecutive candy bars and treats, I lost count….Needless to say….my poor darling spent the night in the toilet.

My kid will not have a boyfriend before 16

Not sure if you read my blog a few weeks ago called: How to scare the neighbours?  It was about the boy next door proclaiming his undying love for my daughter who responded by dressing up in her wedding gown to seal the deal.   But in the end the marriage didn’t happen because she loves her boyfriend in Canada more.

Use TV as a babysitter

As soon as my daughter was able to focus on the screen, the TV became her very favourite babysitter…and my best friend.  No one else had that kind of availability

I will never lie to my child

Let’s see here…

  • “Of course I loved your father”
  • “I have never tried drugs”
  • “There are no vegetables in this sauce, honest!”

I will be married with 2 children by the age of 35.

I’m 41 and writing a blog called single mom…………working

Moral of the story…best not to say that you will never… honestly, you most probably will.

Thanks for reading,