Monthly Archives: October 2013

Bad moods travel fast

My daughter and I had plans to go to Windsor today to see our friends.  I never look forward to the journey there.  It takes us about 2 hours door to door, including a bus 2 trains and then a car ride.  But life isn’t always meant to be easy (mom told me that), and […]

Let them speak! How good communication skills can change our children’s lives

I admit to dragging my daughter to a few Toastmaster meetings, a venue to practice public speaking. The venue is over an hour commute and involves 3 trains and 2 buses.  It is also in the evenings, which means she has already had a full day at school, done her homework and is tired by […]


My name is Janet and I am an extrovert I have been hearing so much about Susan Cain’s book ‘Quiet’, a book that discusses the power of the introvert in an extraverted world.   Mrs. Cain tell us how difficult it has been for introverts to live in a society that condones social interaction in almost […]