Bad moods travel fast


My daughter and I had plans to go to Windsor today to see our friends.  I never look forward to the journey there.  It takes us about 2 hours door to door, including a bus 2 trains and then a car ride.  But life isn’t always meant to be easy (mom told me that), and the travel is always worth it once we spend time with our close mates.

The morning rises and so does my daughter who starts jumping on our bed…so excited to go.  My boyfriend does not take well to this behaviour, being childless he is not used to early morning starts.  He immediately becomes grumpy and begins mumbling about the unfairness of the hour.  His bad mood quickly transfers to my 8 year old, who 3 minutes prior was in the best mood ever.  I get up, I ignore Mr Grumpy next to me, and lead my pouting baby from the room.  It takes me 10 minutes to cheer her up and remind her of our exciting trip to Windsor today.

How many times does someone walk into your open-plan office in a crappy mood and start whining?  Do you notice how quickly that changes the atmosphere in the office?  It doesn’t take long at all before the bad mood culprit opens up an email, or answers a phone call, and swiftly transfers their bad mood onto someone else.  That poor soul who called/emailed at the wrong time did not see it coming and soon becomes upset as well, often transferring it to the next unsuspecting caller.  And so the bad mood begins to travel.

Back to our trip to Windsor.  We arrive at the train station to buy our tickets.  The customer service attendant is clearly not happy.  Once we order our tickets, I innocently ask him what time the train leaves.  The dude tells me to stop asking him questions while he is processing the tickets!  He actually said that! When he hands me the tickets, he tells me that there is no train from this station, we need to take a replacement bus service.  This irritates me, and I ask why he couldn’t have told me that before I bought the tickets, he says nothing and repeats the replacement bus service information.  GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?  His bad mood has just transfers to me…..I am pissed off.  From there, my dog and my daughter are pulled around the area trying to find the bloody bus service because the dude gave me the wrong location.

bad mood shirtIf you are anything like myself, we do not focus very well when in a bad mood.  The mind is simply not clear as my subconscious begins to wonder off to the person/event that made me angry, rather than focusing on the task at hand.  This slows down productivity….

Once we found the bus, we jumped in, thinking that all will be ok from here….but sadly, that is not the case.  It must have been the bus drivers first day on the job because he keeps getting lost and stopping in different areas to check his GPS.  Everyone on the fully-packed-bus become agitated.  One guy makes a comment which sets the rest of us off until we are all moaning, disgruntled.  By the time we got off the bus, way, way later, we had missed our train to Windsor.


At this point I had 2 choices….become even angrier, and begin to cry due to the disastrous day.

Or try to turn things around.

I only had to look at my disappointed daughter’s face to make my decision.  I cleared my vocal cords and said in my most official voice: “I declare this day an official pyjama and ice cream day, filled with movies and chillaxing!”  Our frowns disappeared and we spent a very happy Sunday together.

If you find yourself surrounded by people who breed negativity…. Try to break away from it.  Remove yourself from their company, put on your earphones, find a different space to work.    You cannot change other peoples moods, but you are in control of your own.  And a contagious as a bad mood may be…A GOOD MOOD CAN ALWAYS TRUMP IT.

Thanks for reading,