Monthly Archives: November 2013

Daydreamer’s inventions

I often catch myself inventing useful gadgets in my head.  I may be walking the dog, or on the tube, or possibly watching a movie, when suddenly BANG…a super cool invention appears before me!  But sadly my mental masterpieces disappear as quickly as they come to mind because I have neither the time nor the […]

Is Breaking Bad good?

Meet Jessie Pinkman….a drug dealing Meth addict who steals from his parents, who has no respect for his own life, and who cons recovering drug addicts to relapse… This is a man who is up to no good!  And yet I cannot seem to get enough of him.  I truly love the man. Meet Walter […]

A relaxing day at the spa?

I have the most excellent friend called Sam.  Honestly, everyone needs a friend like Sam.  He is the kind of guy that when you mention your extremely high stress levels and your severe lack of sleep…. he actually takes you seriously!  Fortunately and serendipitously, Sam owns an exclusive 5star day spa…..therefore after we spoke last […]