Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tips to help the January Blues

IT IS JANUARY…. JANUARY = it’s cold. JANUARY = it’s rainy/snowy (depending on where you live). JANUARY = Life is DAMN stressful. By Jan 10th, my nanny decided to resign and leave me completely screwed on childcare, my dog said he was angry at me for going back to work by eating every bra that […]

Is beauty bad?

Has anyone been following the Dove campaign for real beauty?  It does a great job at encouraging women to feel good about their bodies, despite their weight, as it celebrates women’s individuality. But when I glance at the half dressed women posing for the camera….well I am not at all inspired!  The ad lacks sex appeal, […]

A few good lessons to learn

Like all of you, I have lived yet another year and have picked up some lessons on the way.  Here are a few to share: Speaking to strangers is cool Speaking to random strangers whilst walking the dog is a very good move indeed.  I have met some excellent people, men and women, who are […]