A few good lessons to learn

Like all of you, I have lived yet another year and have picked up some lessons on the way.  Here are a few to share:

dog sittingCAZQL142

Speaking to strangers is cool

Speaking to random strangers whilst walking the dog is a very good move indeed.  I have met some excellent people, men and women, who are happy to talk to a fellow dog owner and share some interesting life experiences.  I have met a dashing violinist, a geeky IT dude, a 60 year old ex-model, and angry jogger, a dog-sitting family, 2 tennis pros, and a charming entrepreneur.  I give my dog all the credit.  I have always loved talking to strangers but I never had such an easy way in.   Bring on more interesting strangers!




I have some excellent news for all you women out there who may have been called a ‘bitch’ over the years….. Depending on who is saying it, you could be receiving a major compliment!  Very often what people are trying to say when calling you a’ bitch’ is: “There is that woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it.  She is direct, persistent and is not easily discouraged.”

On the other hand, you may have to rethink the aforementioned definition if say…..your grandma used it as the one word to describe your personality.


Bad times

I went through a few bad months in 2013, when the future seemed dark and I felt trapped.  But aside from leaning to appreciate the details of everyday life, I discovered something far more valuable:  When it all seems like it’s going to hell, you must always do something nice for someone else!  Volunteer at an old age home, bring food/cloths to the homeless, care for someone who is feeling pain.  It will help you to remember that we are all connected, and that you are never alone.

As Audrey Hepburn said:

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others

For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness

And for poise, walk in the knowledge that you are never alone



Blogging is HARD!  It started off relatively easy, but as time goes on, and life throws its curve balls straight at you… it takes work and discipline to maintain a regular voice online.  I have now reached 10,000 views, and I am feeling good….but I will be changing the angle slightly in 2014, stay tuned.


Thanks for reading and Happy 2014!