There IS life in skincare

Often in life we go through ‘mini dramas’: minor events that take up too much energy and leave us feeling drained.  It’s usually small incidents ….your child got in trouble at school, you’ve had an argument with a friend, and so on…

After these types of irritations, it is essential to completely let them go.  Over the years I have seen too many people allow the small stuff to build up until they reach breaking point.   A point where they explode or fully lose their cool.

An easy approach to overcome life’s minor challenges is to follow a sensible skincare regime:  Cleanse, Serum, Moisturise.

cleanse skin


Any good facialist will tell you that healthy skin can only begin with the right cleanser.  NEVER buy the cheap stuff.  You need a cleanser that has enough actives to pull out the toxins and dirt while at the same time replacing the essential oils back into your skin.  Without the right cleanser, your skin will be dry and stripped of its essential moisture.

And so it is with life… Once your mini drama has come to an end, you must completely cleanse yourself of it, or you will be left with traces of ill feelings that will follow you around like a bad smell.  Let’s take my recent nanny incident.  She completely broke my daughter’s heart by deciding to leave us, after only 4 months.  I was furious as I grudgingly placed an ad to find her replacement.  Strangely, no one replied to the ad!  The few that did didn’t show up for the interview, and the 1 that did show up was beyond weird!  It was only after found compassion for our homesick nanny, only after I let go of my fury, did I begin to meet decent replacements.



Once your skin is well cleansed and the dead skin cells have been removed, the epidermis is at it’s most receptive point to accept necessary active ingredients.   You must know what your skin is lacking, and then infuse it with the right action-packed serum, allowing the formula to seep easily into the skin.

And so it is with life.  Once you wipe your mind clean of anger or fear, you need to look around for positive forces to take their place.  Let’s take a minor dispute that I had with my daughter last week for an example.  She wanted me to buy her EVERYTHING that we passed by on the street, and I wanted to buy her NOTHING.  We argued, she cried and I gently explained to her that there are other ways to feel good aside from toy shopping.  I then made the executive decision to spend the afternoon at an old age home visiting men and women who were lonely and wanted company.  The day was a massive success for all involved and my daughter was infused with the right nourishment.



After a good cleansing and the right infusions, your skin needs to be rehydrated and protected. The right moisturiser will do both. Your chosen cream should regulate the moisture levels by protecting the skins natural barrier, allowing it to breathe and retain the correct level of hydration. A moisturiser with an SPF is ideal.

And so it is in life. You may feel cleansed and nourished every morning, but we all know how difficult it is to hold onto those feelings throughout the day.  We must do all we can to protect ourselves from the many pollutants and assholes that inhabit the world.  We need skills and we need strength.  Thankfully we all have access to these.  Because the best defence out there comes from inside…a belief in yourself which no one can ever touch.  And if you have trouble finding self-confidence in desperate moments…then you have friends and family, people who care about you.  They will pick you up when you are feeling down, listen to your worries and fill you with love.  Your friends and family are the best SPF on the market.

Next time you feel drained or burned out, just remember your skincare regime….Cleanse – Serum – Moisturise.  Because there IS life in skincare.


Thank you for reading,