Can BB creams, and Women, do it all?

imageIt stated a few years back when BB creams first hit the western market….. Women were all over them like a rash – a product that not only treats blemishes… but also moisturises, covers, tints, anti-wrinkles and adds a radiant glow to the complexion.  We already knew that our moisturisers had to do much more than just moisturise, but the poor cream was never put under such stress until the alphabet series came along.  BB creams beautify blemishes, CC creams cover& correct, DDs are the dynamic do it all and EE Energise and Eliminate! Lord only knows what FF will bring!   Suddenly, a moisturiser’s life became remarkably like a modern day woman’s – they must now to do it all.


imageIt started in the 60s, when women became fed up with being undervalued, pushed aside at election time and stepped on in the business world.   We fought to become an integral part of all aspects of life, rather than just life at home.  We already knew that we could be much more than mothers, but we never imagined the type of pressure that we would be under in this day and age.  We now work in executive jobs with long hours, bring up the kids, teach them proper manors, help with homework, cook, clean, stay fit, give birth, and provide the occasional blow job.  Much like BB creams, we must now do it all.

Recently there has been some debate of whether woman can do it all.  Are we really able to give our 100% to our career if we have kids at home who need our attention?  On the other hand, are we able to bring up our kids properly if we are at work 8 – 10 hours of the day? Both men and women are discussing how multitasking will effect the next generation. As always, I have a take on the matter.….

Multidimensional: Much like our moisturisers, women’s roles have naturally evolved. Our lives are less one dimensional and thankfully more fulfilling.  We are able to contribute and give back on so many levels, far more than ever before. The political and commercial world needs the woman’s touch and it will continue to do so. I personally cannot think of a better lesson to teach my daughter. ‘Give back to the world wherever you can …you choose how, because it is all possible.  But don’t forget to ask for help along the way. From your friend, family and I know a great BB cream….’

Quality: A massive bottle of pharmacy Own Brand moisturising cream will never be coveted like a 30ml airless tube of a luxury brand. That is because we all know that it is not about quantity, it is quality that we are after. The amount of quality time that the stay-at-home-mom spends with her children may be lacking due to the endless chores that comes along with that job.  Mind you, I really should not speak for other women; I just know that personally I would be a really bad stay-at-home-mom. I feel that spending every day at home with my daughter would result in loosing the value we both put on the precious few hours a day that we have together. Those hours when we talk, dance, cuddle, laugh and cry are never taken for granted.

Juggling: To multitask is to juggle many balls at one time. The BB/CC/DD/EE cream was created to suit a world that expects everything to be done at once.  Life is chaotic.  If you can not learn to juggle a few balls, you are at risk of become overwhelmed.  It is a parent’s role to prepare our children for this world.  We need to teach them how to multi-task without breaking down.   In order to reach old age we need to learn how to juggle with a good sense of humour and manageable stress levels.

The good news is that we know that it can be done!  Because many of you are doing it right now.   We are leading by example and teaching that with the right support, we can multitask with the same grace, efficacy and perfection as a quality BB cream.

Thank you for reading, JT