Sex, Beauty & House of Cards


I have recently taken the popular plunge into House of Cards, an intelligent drama about politics and scandal in the White House.  In one of the episodes the main character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacy) imposes his views on a young journalist whom he is shagging.  She is half his age and she wants to stop trading sex for stories, but he will not let her…. because he does not like to be told what to do.   Frank says: “Everything in life is about sex, except for sex…Sex is about power”


I have not been able to get those words out of my head!  I keep wondering, is that true?  Or is just a self-obsessed, deranged man’s point of view?  If you know Frank, then you know that he is a full on psychopath.  But if you really think about it…the first part of the statement is not totally untrue.  We are mammals and we are very often motivated by sex, it is how we continue to survive.

Money, style, cars, love….all have obvious connections to sex.  And least I forget….The world of beauty.

The beauty industry thrives on the seduction of both men and women.  We make skincare products for younger looking skin, creams to cover up imperfections, oils to create shimmering limbs, shadows for smouldering eyes, lip plumps for more kissable lips, mascara for long, luscious lashes, hair treatments for swinging satin tresses…………..Buy them and begin grooming for sexual mating.  You would be hard pressed to deny that one of the greatest muses for beauty is sex.

But here is the catch with Mr Underwood’s statement: it is not all about sex.  The industry is fuelled by a great number of inspirations.  Beauty is also about self-confidence, empowerment, self-expression, friendships, play, care, research and science.  While Sex may be part of the industry, it is certainly not dominating it.



To be very honest, I think it was the second part of Frank’s words that has been upsetting me: ….sex is about power.

Really! Don’t we have enough on our plates trying to educate the next generation of men/women that sex is not at all like the porn they have been watching on the internet. That it is not without emotion, a cold and dirty act with motive. Now we have to contend with Frank Underwood telling millions of viewers that sex is about power?  This statement puts him in the same category as a rapist.  Sexual abuse is all about control, it is the first thing you read when looking up conjugal violence. Even consensual sexual practices such as S&M/BDSM are 50 shades of the exact same issue: Abuse. Self-Abuse is often even more tragic.

I will end this blog by saying that I really do like watching House of Cards, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  But to Frank Underwood I say: FU! There were already too many like you, I hope that you have not created more.


Thank you for reading,