Are Concealers good for you?



An extremely popular product within the cosmetics industry is The Concealer: creams that hide our skincare issues i.e. pimples, enlarged pores, uneven skin.  The products work by over layering the epidermis with a hydrating complex, often enhanced with special elastomers, which are then blended with colour pigments.  The combination offers a veil of colour that blends seamlessly with your natural skin tone, making our imperfections disappear and minimizing our wrinkles.  It is a staple product that both women and men use throughout almost every stage of their life….From pimply teenagers to sun-damaged adults.  BUT the downfall of the concealer is that as it typically only covers up the problem, it will not resolve it.


The concept of ‘concealers’ lends itself much further than to skincare.  In fact, it is an integral part of the British culture.  In England, when something goes wrong, it is proper to mutter the words ‘Oh…never mind’ and then promptly make a nice cuppa tea.  One must then adopt a Stiff Upper Lip, be overly polite, and finally… just carry on.  Some perceive this behaviour to be ‘civilized’ and far less dramatic than analysing every fleeting emotion.  Others, such as myself, find it both annoying and unproductive.  Let me give you a two examples of what I mean:


I used to know a man who had a very tumultuous relationship with his parents.  They were close, too close in my opinion, but it was sweet in a way.  One summer my friend got into a very heated argument with his parents.  Everyone yelled at each other, insults were thrown and names were called.  Finally they asked my friend to leave, reclaiming the family house keys and severed all contact.   Three months later, his parents returned from their extended summer holiday and rang to invite him to dinner.  He was happy they called, and quickly went to eat some homemade food at theirs.  That was it…..Fight Over!  Everything was back to normal.  No one spoke about what they felt, no one shared their frustrations, nobody even tried to cleared the air…They just pretended that the last 3 months had never happened.  That is just what skin concealers do! 

On a bit more of a personal note, I had disturbing situation happen to me recently.  Since moving to England, my daughter and I became quite close with a member of my daughters extended family.  They live outside of London and so we often went to visit them, staying over for the night.   Every 2 months we would make the annoying trek, in effort to build a strong relationship with them.  Four years later, the mother of the aforementioned family stopped returning my calls.  No matter what I did or how many times I called, she would not reply.  As far as I was concerned, nothing had gone wrong and so I was completely baffled.   Six months later, I managed to corner the woman and demand an explanation.  Here is was I found out:

  • She NEVER liked me!
  • For the past 4 years she has only pretended to like me because she thought that was the right thing to do.

Seriously?! What a waste of time and effort on everyone’s part.   But the saddest part is that I honestly had no clue.  I thought we were friends.

Whilst I believe that there is a place on the skin for a concealer, I am afraid that I do not find it useful in life.   Every time someone hides an irritation or a frustration, it is stored somewhere deep inside of us….providing a base for a pile of frustration to build.  Until one day, it becomes so high that we explode…completely losing our cool.  At this point, there is not room for logic, and no desire to work out our issues.  At this stage, we are tipped to a point of destruction…breaking up relationships, quitting jobs and loosing friendships.  This is unproductive.

I believe that it is best to leave The Concealer to the skincare industry, and start expressing any pressing issues more frequently, rather than waiting for the tipping point.


Thank you for reading,