Beauty and the Holy Grail


Anyone who makes products for the beauty industry knows that we have actually been hired to find the Holy Grail.  We must discover everlasting youth.  And if we don’t actually find it, then we damn well better find something close!  The marketing departments are depending on these discoveries to put into the PR channels, the sales departments need them to break into new markets, and the board of directors need to see return on their investments.

And so we search, we dig, we dissect, we analyse, we even commission Nobel Prize Scientists.  After attending InCosmetics last week, I can firmly attest that we are getting really close to some massive discoveries.  Scientists are making incredible breakthroughs in anti-ageing and wrinkle control.

However, up until this point in time we have not been successful.  We HAVE found new modes of moisturising, advanced blemish control and skin radiance, but we HAVE NOT managed to stop the skin from ageing. We have been trying for 100s of years without success.  And yet, we do not stop trying.  We, the beauty industry, continue to persevere in our pursuit for the Holy Grail… and on the way to our goal we have uncovered many other mysteries.

Why do we never give up our quest?

The answer is partially fuelled by commerce,

Partially found in vanity,

But I choose to believe it is because we know the following truth:

Success in life is not based on winning, but rather how we deal with harsh obstacles. An ability to pick ourselves up when we fall, retaining a positive self-view will get you farther in life than the Holy Grail.


Thank you for reading,