The 5 stages of grief

Life is meant to be shared.

I ‘speak’ because I need to connect with you, to enjoy moments when we are feeling the same emotion, when we can laugh or cry at exactly the same time. I try to connect with you through creating beauty products, I try to touch you by blogging, and most powerfully I try to unite us through Public Speaking.

I would rather bond through song….but I cannot sing!

The speech below is 7 minutes long. I have had the opportunity to present it several times before….. in hope that it would link us closer…. knowing that we have all been through something similar.

The 5 stages of grief   (click for the video)

Please note that The 5 stages of grief was created by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

Please note that the characters that I am wearing are copyrighted by Mr Men under different names.


Thank you for watching,