Do you have a beauty mark?

What is a Beauty Mark?

Technically speaking, a beauty mark is a lovely word for a dark facial mole.  In medical terms it is called melanocytic nevus, a clutter of cells with high melanin pigmentation.  Why on earth would we call a mole a beauty mark?

When found in the right spot, in the right size, the mark becomes a symbol of distinction, a decorative feature in which makes one stand apart from the crowd.  Throughout history, a well-positioned mole on the face was considered an attractive feature.  We only need to look at Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty mark for an example.  A more current celebrity mole can be found on Cindy Crawford’s face.
I was born with a large ‘beauty mark’ on my right cheek.  And I HATED it.  I found nothing beautiful about this mole that was smack in the middle of my face!  And ironically, it was for exactly the same reasons that I now think it can be beautiful…  It was a mark of distinction, a feature that made me stand apart from the crowd…and as a kid, there is nothing worse than being different.

Someone smart (not I) once said: ‘we spend our child years trying to fit into the crowd, and our adult years trying to stand apart from it.’

But in the end, a mole is not what makes us stand apart from one another. A real beauty mark has nothing to do with a blemish, or any other facial growth.

What is a beauty mark?

It is an opportunity…to think about how you are going to make your mark on the world.   

We all have the opportunity to make our mark.  Take inspiration from Erica Diamond, author of, who is making her mark on the world daily as she motivates thousand of women to get off the fence and be excellent.

Sarah Chapman (, my new mentor, is making her mark by helping so many  people with their skincare issues, while she while she demonstrates that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.

Anita Roddick, a true inspiration, made her mark on the world several years ago as she showed us that business and ethical values can work beautifully together.

Every one of us has a strength, and it is because we are so different that we can learn from each other. However, it is because of our similarities that we want to learn.

What will be your Beauty Mark be?

Thanks for reading,