Anti Guilt Cream

One would think that with all the billions of dollars that are pouring in and out of the beauty industry (worth $107 billion), someone would have come up with an effective anti-guilt cream!

I mean look at what we have accomplished so far… Creams that fill wrinkles, stickers to reduce spots (we just launched this: Spot Sticker) and oils that make you sleep.  Surely all the marketers, scientists and researchers in the world could fill the most an obvious gap in the working mother’s market: GUILT.  If we could just create one little cream that can be applied twice a day to provide the following, simple results:

  1. Remove that annoying motherly-sounding voice in our heads that ‘tuts’ every time we have just one extra bite of chocolate, stay for one last drink, spend just one extra hour in the office.
  2. Prevent those ‘feelings’ that arise in our stomachs when the kids or/and puppy realises that we are leaving the house…without them.
  3. Replenish feelings of self-love each time we rush out of the office to get to a school play, when all our colleagues are still plugging away at the work.

Imagine, a dollop of cream on your face and you can be free to buy that car you’ve been eying or go out past 11pm!  Being a Jewish working mother, I am quite certain that I could use a lifetime supply. So bring it on beauty industry, bring on the internal peace in the form of an anti-guilt cream.