I am 40something woman

I am a 40 something woman…..

I am smart enough to know what’s good for me, but still dumb enough to do it.

I know the value of patience, but I am far too busy to practice it.

I can choose to call you ‘Dear’ or I can choose to call you ‘Dude’.

I watch my chin like a hawk in case a hair spouts.

I have learned gratitude for those moments alone in the toilet.

I no longer feel the pressure to have a perfect body, I much prefer a healthy body with a small beer belly.

I am a 40 something woman…..

I do not want you to offer me your seat on the tube, but feel free to discreetly get up anyway.

I can still date men over the age of 30…. Right?

I feel perfectly entitled to hire a sexy, shirtless gardener. I wouldn’t want to hurt my back….

I expected my generation to be running the world, but instead we are all be reporting to a 20 year old called #stilllivingatmoms

I have Mozart, Bon Jovi and Imagine Dragons on my play list.

I can exercise vigorously for months, and magically make my body look exactly like it did when I started.


I am a 40 something woman….

I know that I will never please everyone.

I do not want to look young, I do want to look beautiful at every age.

I know how to say ‘NO’.

I have never felt more confident.

These are some of the best years of life.


40 something rocks