How to worry less


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Welcome to 2015!  I have only 1 resolution this year. My New Year’s resolution for 2015………

….is to rid myself of worry!  Oh yes, this is the year it will happen. I have been an avid worrier for over 30 years, more intensely since my daughter was born, and to be very frank, I am DONE with it. It is time consuming and a waste of energy. I will simply no longer worry…..

  • That my daughter will fall victim to her teenage years prematurely and will begin regularly swearing at me
  • That my cute fluffy dog will get eaten by a mean, frothy mouthed dog-with-a-bad-mother
  • That my daughter will start learning French, pack her stuff up and move back to Montreal
  • That the guy I am dating actually has a secret life that he is not telling me about
  • That my daughter will ask me to send her to therapy to undo the damage of her upbringing
  • That my friends will get tired of all my worrying
  • That I will no longer have any friends
  • That my Aupair will leave us, suddenly and without any notice, again!
  • That there will never be a man who can love me as much as my dog Buster
  • That my daughter and dog will both learn French and move back to Montreal

Yes, ladies and gentleman – This is the year when I put all my worries to rest. I can finally breathe deeply and say AHHHH. Goodbye to the What Ifs and Goodbye anxiety!!

Just one question: How the hell does one actually stop worrying?   In particular a single mom…working


Thank you for reading,