In 2004, Janet found herself unexpectedly pregnant while meditating in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal.  After traveling through India on a motorcycle, teaching English in Tokyo, studying Aromatherapy in Australia and starting her own business in Montreal….becoming a single mother was not in the cards.

For the past 8 years, Janet has been juggling an executive career in the beauty industry in 2 continents, while trying to find enough time to spend with her little girl.  Several obstacles have followed within those years, as a woman in business, as a single mom and as human being.

In February 2012, Janet started speaking about her experiences at Toastmasters in London.  She has now won 6 awards for best speaker and aims to motivate audiences covering topics like Bullying, Single motherhood and Women in the workplace.

Janet holds an honours degree in Political science from the University of Western Ontario.   After university, she trained as an Aromatherapist in Brisbane Australia.  She has also sat on the board of directors at a Woman’s Shelter in Montreal.

Email: janet_tara1@yahoo.co.uk