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The 5 stages of grief

Life is meant to be shared. I ‘speak’ because I need to connect with you, to enjoy moments when we are feeling the same emotion, when we can laugh or cry at exactly the same time. I try to connect with you through creating beauty products, I try to touch you by blogging, and most […]

The weight of living

When life is going well and times are peaceful, everyone is on their best behavior. Polite, well mannered and kind to each other. But the older I get, the more I realise that it is in turbulent times when we have the opportunity to see what people are really made of! I am not referring […]

Bad moods travel fast

My daughter and I had plans to go to Windsor today to see our friends.  I never look forward to the journey there.  It takes us about 2 hours door to door, including a bus 2 trains and then a car ride.  But life isn’t always meant to be easy (mom told me that), and […]

Mr. Men loses his Iphone

One morning in Happy-ville, Mr. Happy woke up and greeted the day with a big smile.  ‘What a wonderful morning’ thought Mr. Happy, ‘I can’t wait to begin a new day!!!!’.  The sun was shining bright; the birds were singing the most beautiful songs.  Mr. Happy sat up in bed, stretched with excitement and turned […]

single mom….threatened

I have recently bought a dog. Name: Buster. Aka: Da Litl Fluffball. Breed: Cockapoo Nature: Very cool and placid, even when constantly being teased by his big sister, my daughter. Last week, while walking in the park, we saw a Staffordshire terrier attack a little black poodle.  The poodle was killed instantly. The scene was devastating […]

Single mom…Forgiveness

When I was 18 years old, two major life events happened to me for the very first time. I fell madly in love with a boy. The bastard completely broke my heart. Our relationship lasted for a blissful 4 months, until the school year ended and he left to travel around Europe for the summer.  […]

Single Mom….Hate

Hi, my name is Janet. I am spelling impaired, have issues with my untamed hair, and I simply cannot sing.   How are you? My daughter and I recently spent a long weekend together in Edinburgh. It was fascinating to walk through such immense culture and centuries of history. Amongst all the many achievements of the great […]