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How to worry less

Announcement: Single Mom….working is a site for single parents. I will therefore only post blogs about my life as a (working, single) parent. Thank you to my followers for staying with me over the last 2 years.   All motivational posts about life, confidence, and speaking can now be found on my new blog: […]

The voice in your head

Sports day comes but once a year, and this year it was a really big deal for my daughter. You see… she has a rival at school, Sasha, who ain’t so sweet, if you know what I mean. The kid is a bully. Sasha and my daughter are both the fastest girl runners in class […]

The 5 stages of grief

Life is meant to be shared. I ‘speak’ because I need to connect with you, to enjoy moments when we are feeling the same emotion, when we can laugh or cry at exactly the same time. I try to connect with you through creating beauty products, I try to touch you by blogging, and most […]

Mr. Men loses his Iphone

One morning in Happy-ville, Mr. Happy woke up and greeted the day with a big smile.  ‘What a wonderful morning’ thought Mr. Happy, ‘I can’t wait to begin a new day!!!!’.  The sun was shining bright; the birds were singing the most beautiful songs.  Mr. Happy sat up in bed, stretched with excitement and turned […]

A single mother’s view on the holiday season

Ever have a panic attack?   They really do suck. Your heart starts to beat far too quickly. Your pupils dilate, making you wonder if someone slipped LSD into your morning coffee. Your breathing becomes laboured. And you are convinced that a heart attack is fast approaching, or that you may pass out cold at the most […]