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Confidence & Wrinkles

I apologise for the short pause in my blogging, I have been delivering several speeches within the beauty industry as well as within the competitive framework of Toastmasters.   And I have loved every second of it. Sometimes I think back to my past and I chuckle. Because up until I was 9 years old, you […]

Daydreamer’s inventions

I often catch myself inventing useful gadgets in my head.  I may be walking the dog, or on the tube, or possibly watching a movie, when suddenly BANG…a super cool invention appears before me!  But sadly my mental masterpieces disappear as quickly as they come to mind because I have neither the time nor the […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of everlasting beauty…for moms

Have you ever read a magazine article that told you how to look your best? These articles are filled with fashion and beauty tips on what to wear and how to enhance your best attributes. I am sure that they are written with the best of intentions, but I wonder, does any of it actually […]