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Fear is the biggest impediment to learning, progressing and achievement.  It blocks the mind, diverts and dwindles all hope. Whether learning a new language, dreaming up a new product or reassuring my daughter, I need to remove all doubt, stand 100% firm in my approach.  Fear is contagious, it can infect others, so its best […]

single mom….threatened

I have recently bought a dog. Name: Buster. Aka: Da Litl Fluffball. Breed: Cockapoo Nature: Very cool and placid, even when constantly being teased by his big sister, my daughter. Last week, while walking in the park, we saw a Staffordshire terrier attack a little black poodle.  The poodle was killed instantly. The scene was devastating […]

Single Mom….Hate

Hi, my name is Janet. I am spelling impaired, have issues with my untamed hair, and I simply cannot sing.   How are you? My daughter and I recently spent a long weekend together in Edinburgh. It was fascinating to walk through such immense culture and centuries of history. Amongst all the many achievements of the great […]

Single mom…in a heartbeat

I came home from work tonight to find my 4month old puppy throwing up, and again, and again.   After 5 times in ½ hour, I got worried and called the vet.   My daughter and I abandoned our plans to watch a movie and went to the vet instead. We were told that Buster (my dog) […]