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women who love women

How is that for an exciting title?  The bad news for all my pervy readers: this blog is not about sex… only love. To be clear from the start,  I am a feminist and I believe that the world would be a much better place if it was run by both men & women equally.  […]

Don’t take it personally….

  Has anyone ever said this to you?  Something like: ‘honestly, it’s a business decision, please don’t take it personally.’  Did you buy that line?  Did they actually buy that lie?  Or is it just a way of hiding behind an act of malice? As we grow up, we are faced with pinnacle points in […]

What can the royal birth teach parents?

Last week marked the royal birth of the Prince George.  Aside from his traditional name (BORING – why couldn’t they call him Wayne?), George has a pretty cool life ahead of him.  The world celebrated his birth with parties and baby showers while the proverbial monkey held him high above the edge of the cliff, […]

Teach your children well

Many years ago, you could have easily found me on the beaches of Goa, dancing to techno music played by the world’s best DJs.  Herds of party goers would relish in blissful beats that would take us to far off places in our minds.  I know of few experiences that could ever equal the feelings […]


‘Never trust a Sicilian!’, says my Italian friend, ‘they all lie’…. I don’t really know any Sicilians personally, and my Italian friend is quite convincing when she speaks….so I am tempted to take her word for it, and go through the rest of my life in fear of befriending a Sicilian.   But something about this […]

single mom….threatened

I have recently bought a dog. Name: Buster. Aka: Da Litl Fluffball. Breed: Cockapoo Nature: Very cool and placid, even when constantly being teased by his big sister, my daughter. Last week, while walking in the park, we saw a Staffordshire terrier attack a little black poodle.  The poodle was killed instantly. The scene was devastating […]

The beauty behind The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry….  It has its pros and cons.  On the surface, it seems very superficial, without purpose, bringing the word DIVA front of mind.  But underneath each and every beauty product, there lies a world of meaning that applies to every woman.  I BELIEVE: That beauty products bring women together, like football does for […]