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How to worry less

Announcement: Single Mom….working is a site for single parents. I will therefore only post blogs about my life as a (working, single) parent. Thank you to my followers for staying with me over the last 2 years.   All motivational posts about life, confidence, and speaking can now be found on my new blog: […]

The voice in your head

Sports day comes but once a year, and this year it was a really big deal for my daughter. You see… she has a rival at school, Sasha, who ain’t so sweet, if you know what I mean. The kid is a bully. Sasha and my daughter are both the fastest girl runners in class […]

Can BB creams, and Women, do it all?

It stated a few years back when BB creams first hit the western market….. Women were all over them like a rash – a product that not only treats blemishes… but also moisturises, covers, tints, anti-wrinkles and adds a radiant glow to the complexion.  We already knew that our moisturisers had to do much more […]

A relaxing day at the spa?

I have the most excellent friend called Sam.  Honestly, everyone needs a friend like Sam.  He is the kind of guy that when you mention your extremely high stress levels and your severe lack of sleep…. he actually takes you seriously!  Fortunately and serendipitously, Sam owns an exclusive 5star day spa…..therefore after we spoke last […]

‘I will NEVER….’

  Yes dear, you probably will.’     My daughter and I were watching a movie about a teenager who drank too many beers at his parent’s party.  My daughter looked horrified “I would never do that Mommy”!  I smiled and spoke words of agreement….but my mind was saying something very different:  Darling, of course […]

What about me?!

Last month we went to visit my parents in Canada.  It was so relaxing that as the days passed, I began to forget all the stresses in my life.  Until one Sunday evening……. My daughter, my parents and I were walking to the park for a last go down the slides, when a man in […]

under pressure

To all modern mothers, with a special mention to single mothers, this prezi is for you….. The presentation is set to music, so put your earphones on if you are at work. Make it full screen, and click through the slides. I had fun making this for you. I do hope that you enjoy […]