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Sex, Beauty & House of Cards

I have recently taken the popular plunge into House of Cards, an intelligent drama about politics and scandal in the White House.  In one of the episodes the main character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacy) imposes his views on a young journalist whom he is shagging.  She is half his age and she wants to stop […]

Tips to help the January Blues

IT IS JANUARY…. JANUARY = it’s cold. JANUARY = it’s rainy/snowy (depending on where you live). JANUARY = Life is DAMN stressful. By Jan 10th, my nanny decided to resign and leave me completely screwed on childcare, my dog said he was angry at me for going back to work by eating every bra that […]


I often wonder what the word brave actually means in the 21st century.  Every time I hear it, my mind conjures up images of Mel Gibson, topless, fighting countless enemies to protect his country and (of course) the woman that he loves. It is truly a lovely image….but not one that applies to my life, […]

single mom….threatened

I have recently bought a dog. Name: Buster. Aka: Da Litl Fluffball. Breed: Cockapoo Nature: Very cool and placid, even when constantly being teased by his big sister, my daughter. Last week, while walking in the park, we saw a Staffordshire terrier attack a little black poodle.  The poodle was killed instantly. The scene was devastating […]

Single mom…The Little Things

Tough Times.  You know them?  When so many parts of your life are going wrong at the exact same time.  Money issues, work troubles, love lost, weather is getting to you, kids are grating on the nerves….whatever.  It all seems bad, all at once. These are the times when the usual veils of security disappear, […]

single mom…..Perfect

‘Hi, my name is Janet. I have a reoccurring ingrown hair, longstanding issues with my mother, and I get a bit irritable when I am late for anything.’ I have heard that there are cultures where people introduce themselves this way. They state their name, followed by 3 personal faults. This tradition was established to […]