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I am 40something woman

I am a 40 something woman….. I am smart enough to know what’s good for me, but still dumb enough to do it. I know the value of patience, but I am far too busy to practice it. I can choose to call you ‘Dear’ or I can choose to call you ‘Dude’. I watch my chin like […]

Do you have a beauty mark?

What is a Beauty Mark? Technically speaking, a beauty mark is a lovely word for a dark facial mole.  In medical terms it is called melanocytic nevus, a clutter of cells with high melanin pigmentation.  Why on earth would we call a mole a beauty mark? When found in the right spot, in the right […]

Beauty and the Holy Grail

Anyone who makes products for the beauty industry knows that we have actually been hired to find the Holy Grail.  We must discover everlasting youth.  And if we don’t actually find it, then we damn well better find something close!  The marketing departments are depending on these discoveries to put into the PR channels, the […]

Is Breaking Bad good?

Meet Jessie Pinkman….a drug dealing Meth addict who steals from his parents, who has no respect for his own life, and who cons recovering drug addicts to relapse… This is a man who is up to no good!  And yet I cannot seem to get enough of him.  I truly love the man. Meet Walter […]


I often wonder what the word brave actually means in the 21st century.  Every time I hear it, my mind conjures up images of Mel Gibson, topless, fighting countless enemies to protect his country and (of course) the woman that he loves. It is truly a lovely image….but not one that applies to my life, […]

Mr. Men loses his Iphone

One morning in Happy-ville, Mr. Happy woke up and greeted the day with a big smile.  ‘What a wonderful morning’ thought Mr. Happy, ‘I can’t wait to begin a new day!!!!’.  The sun was shining bright; the birds were singing the most beautiful songs.  Mr. Happy sat up in bed, stretched with excitement and turned […]


It’s 10pm on Sunday night. Little feet are walking above my head…..back and forth, back and forth. I call to my daughter:  ‘Darling, for the 8th time, please go to sleep’ I say, ‘you are going to be exhausted tomorrow morning’.  Unsurprisingly I receive the usual response of: ‘Stop worrying so much mum, I’ll be […]