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The voice in your head

Sports day comes but once a year, and this year it was a really big deal for my daughter. You see… she has a rival at school, Sasha, who ain’t so sweet, if you know what I mean. The kid is a bully. Sasha and my daughter are both the fastest girl runners in class […]

Tips to help the January Blues

IT IS JANUARY…. JANUARY = it’s cold. JANUARY = it’s rainy/snowy (depending on where you live). JANUARY = Life is DAMN stressful. By Jan 10th, my nanny decided to resign and leave me completely screwed on childcare, my dog said he was angry at me for going back to work by eating every bra that […]


My name is Janet and I am an extrovert I have been hearing so much about Susan Cain’s book ‘Quiet’, a book that discusses the power of the introvert in an extraverted world.   Mrs. Cain tell us how difficult it has been for introverts to live in a society that condones social interaction in almost […]

‘I will NEVER….’

  Yes dear, you probably will.’     My daughter and I were watching a movie about a teenager who drank too many beers at his parent’s party.  My daughter looked horrified “I would never do that Mommy”!  I smiled and spoke words of agreement….but my mind was saying something very different:  Darling, of course […]

Best friends

Emelia’s birthday party was on Saturday.  My daughter skipped excitedly to her house bearing gifts and hand-made cards.  Emelia is her very best friend, hence her desire to get there early and help get the party started. When I arrived to collect my daughter up at 6pm, I was expecting to find a gleefully exhausted, […]

Single mom…Forgiveness

When I was 18 years old, two major life events happened to me for the very first time. I fell madly in love with a boy. The bastard completely broke my heart. Our relationship lasted for a blissful 4 months, until the school year ended and he left to travel around Europe for the summer.  […]

Single handed PROGRESS

Four hundred years ago, single mothers were burned at the stake; 50 years ago they were sent to isolated refuges for unmarried mothers or even mental institutions. Today, there remains a widespread negative view of single parenthood.  While researching the topic, I discovered the 3 most common beliefs about single parents: 1. That they are a […]