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women who love women

How is that for an exciting title?  The bad news for all my pervy readers: this blog is not about sex… only love. To be clear from the start,  I am a feminist and I believe that the world would be a much better place if it was run by both men & women equally.  […]

Anti Guilt Cream

One would think that with all the billions of dollars that are pouring in and out of the beauty industry (worth $107 billion), someone would have come up with an effective anti-guilt cream! I mean look at what we have accomplished so far… Creams that fill wrinkles, stickers to reduce spots (we just launched this: […]

Can BB creams, and Women, do it all?

It stated a few years back when BB creams first hit the western market….. Women were all over them like a rash – a product that not only treats blemishes… but also moisturises, covers, tints, anti-wrinkles and adds a radiant glow to the complexion.  We already knew that our moisturisers had to do much more […]

A relaxing day at the spa?

I have the most excellent friend called Sam.  Honestly, everyone needs a friend like Sam.  He is the kind of guy that when you mention your extremely high stress levels and your severe lack of sleep…. he actually takes you seriously!  Fortunately and serendipitously, Sam owns an exclusive 5star day spa…..therefore after we spoke last […]

Broke but need a holiday? Tips for time away

  Anyone out there a bit bored and broke? Particularly pissed off that every cent you make goes right back into the monthly bills and that NOTHING is left over for you to get away to enjoy the summer?! I get it….what single other doesn’t get it… Shaye Walsh, is a single mother who offers […]


I often wonder what the word brave actually means in the 21st century.  Every time I hear it, my mind conjures up images of Mel Gibson, topless, fighting countless enemies to protect his country and (of course) the woman that he loves. It is truly a lovely image….but not one that applies to my life, […]


It’s 10pm on Sunday night. Little feet are walking above my head…..back and forth, back and forth. I call to my daughter:  ‘Darling, for the 8th time, please go to sleep’ I say, ‘you are going to be exhausted tomorrow morning’.  Unsurprisingly I receive the usual response of: ‘Stop worrying so much mum, I’ll be […]